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Teaching Interests 

Comparative Politics; International Relations; Multi-Method Research; Text-as-Data; Media and Politics in Comparative Perspective; Information in Autocratic Regimes; Politics of the Middle East; U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Teaching Experience 
Guest Lectures 


Harvard University:

  • "Regional rivalries and conflict: The war in Yemen," 2022 (co-led discussion)

  • "Yemen's Spring: Why Did the Transition Fail?" 2022

Northwestern University

  • "Policymaking in Non-Democratic Contexts," 2019

  • "Terrorism: Definition and Strategies," 2019

  • "Religion and Law in the U.S.," 2017

Teaching Assistance

Northwestern University

  • Constitutional Law I, 2019

  • Public Policy, 2019​

  • U.S. Foreign Policy, 2019​​

  • Politics of Religious Diversity, 2018​​

  • Middle East Politics, 2018​

  • Introduction to Law in the Political Arena, 2017

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