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Al-Saeedi, Safa. “The Arab Spring: ًWhy did the uprisings miss the monarchies?Contemporary Politics (2021): 1-26.

“Roots of Social Resistance to Religious Reforms in the Arab World: Evidence from Lebanon”

“How the Internet Expands and Limits Free Expression in Authoritarian Regimes”

"How the Internet and Sectarianism Can Cause Decline in Religiosity," with Richard Nielsen 

Anonymous Dissidence in Authoritarian Politics,” with Alexandra Siegel 

Religiosity Trends under Authoritarian Regimes,” with Fatih Serkant Adiguzel 

“Renegotiating the Social Contract: Taxation in Saudi Arabia,” with Yasmina Abouzzohour 

"The Rise and Fall of the Islamic Awakening Movement (Al-Sahwa) from a Communication Perspective"

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